from by Debris Slide


The spaces in between,
All the trivial words, I speak,
In interaction,
How do I compete?
When I keep making, the same mistakes,
Laid out like I was seventeen,
Deceive myself,
Like this isn't what I need,
Cos' If I can't be true to you,
How can you be true to me?
Repression resides,
Not only inside,
The citadel of my mind.

Like a silent movie,
It plays on,
The lights come up,
When you're gone,
On the bus back home,
I thought about,
How aimless,
I'd been


from Calamity Tank, released July 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Debris Slide Nottingham, UK

DEBRIS SLIDE 2012-2016

Bunch of weirdos from Nottingham, did some music, played some shows etc.

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