EP 3

by Debris Slide

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EP 3 is a selection of songs by the band Debris Slide written between January - March 2013. They were recorded at JT Soar, Nottingham on June 3rd 2013 to 8-track cassette with the help of Phil Booth. Here is a description each of these songs.

1. Pools

This was the last song of the group to be written. It's massively influenced by the last couple of Mount Eerie records ('Clear Moon' and 'Ocean Roar'), I can't profess my love for Phil Elverum enough and when I got to meet him in May he told me about some his recording techniques and I used some of what he told me to help create this. The guitar part is multi tracked numerous times and was recorded with a room mic so that it had a nice natural reverb along side the delay created by my EHX Memory Man. The same was done to the vocals to try and give the song a claustrophobic feel with the cymbals only adding fevour of this. Phil (Booth) suggested to add a layer of organ drone and bass feedback as well just to underpin a lot of the trebbley sounds, which we wouldn't have thought to have done ourselves. This song is about September 2011,

2. Vital Signs

This is a pop song and probably my second favourite song to play live after Fantasy Football is Ruining My Life. Vital Signs began life after writing a sort of shoegazy rhythm part that rely's on a lot of pitch bend, then just building the rest of the song round that part with the bass and drums to act in contrast to how noisy the guitar is. The guitar part in the chorus is a little bit of a homage to 'For Ex-Lovers Only' by Black Tambourine I love the way the feedback and noise cuts through everything on that song. We recorded this live and then multi-tracked another layer of vocals and guitar without any delay on it. This song is about New Years Eve 2012, being back in your home town (Sandbach, whose motorway service station is its main attraction) with that hopeless sense of nostalgia and emptiness that comes with such occasions.

3. Nineteen

I hate January, it's that time of year where all your uni work piles up, there are no exciting gigs to go to and the football team you supports season starts to fall apart. This is also the first song that we ever played live when we supported Alarm Bells at JT Soar back in March. For the guitar I tuned G down to E to and then tremolo strummed to make it real intense, but I like to think it's the bass and the drums that make this track, maybe you could try and start a circle pit to this? Again this was recorded live with vocal overdubs before adding an acoustic coda to finish the EP off. This song is about feeling that everyone you know is having a better life than what you are, especially when all you do is sit indoors and play Football Manager all night and then realising that it doesn't matter what anyone else is doing cos they're going to die exactly the same way you are.


People who have been lovely, helpful and supportive and need to be thanked.

Phil Booth, Nick Oakden, JT Soar, Chris Wood, Jordie Bokor, Tara Hill, The Music Exchange, Ian Boult, Petey, Toby Sheppard, Custom Made Music, Stephen Walker, people of Nottingham and Sandbach, anyone who has taken a CD, a zine, downloaded anything or just shown any sort of vague interest in what we're doing.


released July 22, 2013

Debris Slide are:

James Walker: Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Vocals
Harry Russell: Bass/Percussion
Luke Simmonds: Drums/Organ

Recorded and Produced by Phil Booth @ JT Soar, 03/06/2013
Mastered by Luke Simmonds
Artwork by James Walker: Vasco da Gama Bridge, Lisbon, 16/07/2012



all rights reserved


Debris Slide Nottingham, UK

DEBRIS SLIDE 2012-2016

Bunch of weirdos from Nottingham, did some music, played some shows etc.

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